Kati Piri calls for suspension of accession talks with Turkey when new constitution comes into force

Kati Piri addressed the European Parliament as the European Parliament's rapporteur on Turkey during the debate on the accession talks between the European Union and Turkey.

"While the political groups in this House have very different views on EU-Turkey relations, I would like to specially thanks my colleague rapporteurs from the other groups in making sure that the parliament speaks with one, clear and loud voice in condemning the Turkish government’s serious decline in democratic standards, while continuing to support the Turkish population - millions of whom would like to continue to see the EU as an anchor for reforms in their country. For all those millions of people in Turkey, it is also important that we continue to uphold our own values when dealing with a candidate country. And for those in Turkey following this debate, we would like to say that your struggle in difficult times does not go by unnoticed. Together with you we hope that Adalet, Justice will return in Turkey soon."

Watch the full speech of Kati Piri below.